Smart Statusbar

Smart Statusbar is the first and only Status bar enabler in full screen app. You can now reveal status bar in any Full screen app with gesture.

Imagine you are watching movie and you want to know what time it is, with Smart Statusbar you can do a finger swipe as you were trying to expand status bar on top of the screen to reveal it. No more back to home screen and leave what you are doing to get info you need in full screen app.

feedback welcome. Note – It doesn’t work in Honeycomb and ICS tablet version because there is no such need..

[Download] From playstore

See whats others have to say

“Smart Statusbar allows you to reveal the status bar while in a full screen application with a simple downwards swipe gesture, thereby allowing you to keep track of time and notifications.” - xda-developers

“This particular facet of the app is quite handy, especially if you just want to take a sneak peek into whatever notification you’ve received (or the time for that matter), without wanting to launch the entire notification panel only to manually swipe it all the way back.” – Addictivetips

“Smart Statusbar, however, removed the hassle of having to exit your full screen application to check your statusbar.” – Android Authority

“Smart Statusbar is not only one of the most useful but also one of the obvious ideas for an app i have come across for a while.” – The Smoking Android