Button Savior

1 Button Savior Android
The top 1 choice for software button replacement on your devices. Available in root and non root. If  you have a device with broken hardware keys or you want to perform navigation on your device in a better way, then you should give Button Savior a try.


☆ (NEW) PopControl that allows you to add favourite action and use instantly.
☆ (NEW) Hover control supported for automatic Software Button visibility control with mouse or Samsung S-Pen
☆ (NEW) Free floatable trigger icon
☆ (NEW) Swipe to show Button Savior panel from both sides
☆ Simulates ‘Home’ ‘Back’ ‘Search’ ‘Back’ ‘Recent Task’ ‘Screen Off’ ‘Volume’, ‘Directional Key’
☆ Can set to always open or auto hide based on user customizable timer
☆ Two types of trigger action to choose from (Gesture trigger and Click trigger)
☆ Added Camera key and Call key simulation
☆ Customizable trigger position
☆ Also provides themese to support e-ink display
☆ Can change it to one click mode for super fast button action in option
☆ Can create shortcut action such as call someone or go to bookmark on Call or Camera keys. (With PRO)


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“Button Savior is definitely our first choice, and with root access, there’s little that it can’t replace.” - Lifehacker