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  1. Tutor says:

    Interesting app, I did have played around with it a little, I ‘m using a razr maxx hd… I like the small icons on the top left but think they should be slightly larger, if they are a font size of 4 now I am just talking up to a font of maybe a 5 or a 6. What I would really like to see though is not seeing all my apps but just the floating tray after hitting “done”. If changes are needed have a button to enter a set up screen. One other thing, twice i’ ve set items on the task bar and they have disappeared.

  2. x1cjf2 says:

    Hey Kiumiu,
    yesterday I updated my Nexus 4 to Android 4.3 and now i got 2 icons of the smart statusbar at my statusbar if the smart statusbar is active. I just want it how it was. It is a great app! Can you help me?

    • says:

      I am aware of this issue. I can get rid of it. But if I did, my service would be killed by system if it wants to reclaim memory space. I am still learning whats new in 4.3. I will try to see if it is possible to bypass this new thing.

  3. scottydog says:

    Great app, and I really liked the idea of the long press power menu – but it doesn’t seem to work for me, normal press will just sleep my tablet as it always has, and long press doesn’t do anything? I’m using a Viewpad 7 running Froyo 2.2 and it would be great if this could work so I can select a proper power off – thanks!

  4. mlingenfelter says:

    Your app is really saving me. I have a Samsung S3 where the soft-keys have stopped working. Your app has given me back the “Back” key, but I’m still missing the “Menu” key. Is there a way to add the “Menu” key to the list keys?

    • mallison50 says:

      I really miss that Menu key as well. The capacitive buttons on the bottom of my screen stopped working when my son dropped the phone. Getting the Back key back with your application was great, now I just need that Menu key also. Any word on if that will be included in the next release? Thanks!

      • says:

        Android API doesn’t provide menu key simulation. I tried different approach to hack this action but all failed. So I believe it is not possible to introduce menu key support. Hope you can understand.

  5. xjesus says:

    Hi, I have the following problem; When I press the “power off virtual botton” then button savior hides and I need to swype it again to appear when I power on again.

    It doesn’t happen if I press the phisycal power off botton, I mean, it keeps showing button savior bottons after powering off again.

    Please, can you help me fix this?


  6. xjesus says:

    Another suggestion for your next release would be to allow to remove the “close botton” (x) because sometimes it disturbs. One great option would be to swipe down on any botton to close the bottons. I don’t know if I explained well but it would be very good feature for people who only needs 3 buttons like me: home, back and power off. And then it’s easy to leave it always there open with no disturb.

  7. rodermac says:

    I have button savior root and I am rooted. The app does not have a menu button. Do I have to get Pro for this option? I will if necessary but I don’t want to pay for it if there is still no menu button.

    • says:

      Google doesn’t have API for menu key simulation. Actually Google is truing to fade away menu key in since Honeycomb. So it is not possible for now to find any other non root approach to add this key. If it is really important, I have a root version that can do that. But it requires you to root your device,

  8. VeroK says:

    Sorry, I could not find a link to e-mail you. I want to know why the button savior app requires USB debugging to work??? I got a Galaxy s4 and no other app i ever installed asked for this. Can you explain.
    Thank you

    • says:

      It was required in my older version. It should be unnecessary now. But I don’t have all Android devices on hand to test one by one. So I prefer to keep it.