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Smart Taskbar V2.2.5 is released

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In Smart Taskbar V1, there is a third trigger type called status bar trigger. I didn’t add this mode in V2 initially because I personally don’t use that mode at all and thought it was not useful for everyone else too. But I was wrong. I also removed some UI customization features in V2 too. So from now on, I will eventually bring all the missing features that were in V1 back.

To access the toggle of Status Bar trigger, just open up Smart Taskbar V2 main window and you should be able to find it in SystemTab (Trigger Mode). To make it clearer, just refer to the screenshot I attached.

Smart Taskbar_2.2.5_screen

Smart Taskbar V2 2.2.1 Release Note

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Since my first release of Smart Taskbar2, I have been criticized for the new design of, circular shape, quick launch spot. Recently, I got new rectangular graphics from my designer. So I finally have a chance to fix it. But it is optional for you. You can change it in look and feel in preference. Also, I discovered a crash issue when making backup on 2.3 or older devices and I have fixed it.