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Why Button Savior gets so much 1 star rating after V2?

I worked very hard for entire one month to come out Button Savior Version 2. I was hoping all the new features can make most of you happy. However, before V2 was published, my life time one star rating was just 231. Now just 2 weeks of time, it is already 262 as of the time I wrote this post. I get at least 1 star a day. However, only 1 user wrote a comment out of all 31 one star rating since V2 andI don’t know why people don’t even bother to tell me why they hate it. I am very disappointed by the result. I actually regret I spent my entire month day and night to come out this new major update version. I believe I would better off if I did nothing at all.

I thought it was caused by non root users who didn’t realize they should root their device to use it or simply don’t have idea about what root is. I also thought it might be caused  by users who were unable to use Button Savior after upgraded to new version due to superSU misconfiguration. So I added a much better root detection and warning message upon detection of non root privilege. However, 1 star rating doesn’t slow down at all. So root is not an issue actually.

So I really don’t know why. No one leaves comment. So I’d like to know from you what’s the problem in latest V2 upgrade? If you recently left a one star rating and read this post, please take your time to let me know why. Thank you.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.22.41 PM

Pinch to zoom with one hand dream comes true – assistive Zoom (Beta Preview)

Last week, when I was planning whats to throw in for Button Savior V2, an idea came across my head. Thats is, a button to do pinch in and pinch out. Later on, I think it is better to make a seperate App just for this function. Now, here it is. This App is simple and does one thing only. But myself and many other friends of mine all think this App is really effectively to address the need to use two hands for zoom in/out. Due to the fragmentation of Android eco system, so I am not sure it is 100% compatible on your device. Thats why I am doing a beta preview here.

Forgot to mention, this App requires root to run. So please make sure your phone is rooted before trying. App file is attached in this post too.

Requirement: At least 2.2+ and Root required

[Download Here]

Smart Taskbar V2 Beta preview – update 6

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I  am planning to formal release on Playstore with this version. So if there is no serious issue found in this version, I think I will publish it officially on Playstore by the weekend. In this version, I added some decoration in main UI with new graphics along with a lot of bug fixes.


57-1 57-2 57-3

Smart Taskbar V2 Beta preview – update 5

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I immediately found some bugs in update 4. And they are quite easy to occur and quite serious. So I have to make new update today. Other than bug fixes, I also fixed long click vibration logic to make it more reasonable. I also brought back the classic square trigger icon with HD quality this time. I feel quite impressed after seeing all graphics upgrading to HD quality. The screenshot doesn’t show the difference a lot. But you will see the difference once you install ST2 on your phone and see with your eyes.



Smart Taskbar V2 Beta preview – update 4

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This version is a release candidate version. As I mentioned earlier, I will leave UI graphics work after first official release for main setting window. However, I still made some minor tweaks on main window to make it less eye sore in this version.

I added an animated tutorial section and throw in two more trigger icon styles, iPhone accessitive touch style and STB2 logo style. I will continue throw in more and more styles before final release. I also plan to let user choose his/her favourite icons as trigger icon later.

[Download428-05 428-04 428-03 428-02 428-01


Smart Taskbar V2 Beta preview – update 3

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I added one more major feature in this version that is ability to add folder onto quick launch spot. So you can virtually break the 10 items quick launch item limit with combination of folder item. Also, I finally got icons for sort button on float window panel. Again, there are many bug fixes in this release too.



Smart Taskbar V2 Beta preview

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Before you install the APK, I hope you can read below message completely to fully understand what you will get in this APK because it is not fully finished . It is important to know what are the problems before you try it and thanks for trying out the first beta preview. I will constantly update my app from now on for any new update I make until it is fully finished.

Today, I finally finished all functions that were planned to show up in the first official release of ST V2. So I think it is a good time to start public beta to hear your feedback before I official launch it. I’d like to fine tune the App a bit before official launch. In addition, I haven’t finished the UI in main window part. So please don’t be shocked to find it very engineer style looking because they are actually wireframe that I left intentionally for my designer to work on her graphics. Since it is a complete code rewrite, so I am actually kind of nervous on its stability even though I haven’t seen any so far.

Generally, the App still has two parts, the floating window part and the main App window part. The floating window part is all complete except the sort order icon located at the top bar area. Rest of them are the final look that you will see in my final delivery unless it is truly awful to see in most people’s eyes. The main window part is all complete only in features but zero completion in UI. But I think I can finish the UI in two weeks.

[What’s new in V2]
(1) You can drag and drop to assign item to labels and quick launch by gesture. But you need to long press and choose ‘Move’ to enter edit mode first.
(2) There are 3 types of sort filter to choose from, by installation time, by usage frequency, and by default.
(3) You can now create folder by moving one item on top of the other item in editor mode. So far no limit in number of items in folder. But I will very likely to limit it to 12 in final delivery.
(4) Trigger icon can now free float
(5) Trigger icon can auto dim
(6) Tablet optimized
(7) Label reorder is now gesture driven
(8) Uses even less RAM than V1
(9) Many small features that are very hard or not too interesting to point out.

[Features that I will add after official launch]
(1) Able to assign folder, widget to quick launch
(2) Able to drag and drop folder to other folder
(3) A way to discover/organize newly install app
(4) …. waiting for your input

[Download link]

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Smart Taskbar 1.2.12 Release Note

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I am now updating maybe the last update for Smart Taskbar V1 today. The development of Smart Taskbar V2 is near its end. I will first release a public preview on Playstore in maybe end of March for bug and issue solving. I have delayed the project from my previous promised deadline of end of 2012 to end of Jan, and then Feb… and finally March due to increasing complexity in my design. And I was too stupid to started the project by completely rewriting the code instead of improving from old one that I have spent nearly 2 years on. Now I finally understand what agile methodology is in software development. My next project after Smart Taskbar V2 will be Button Savior V2 and I will not make same kind of mistake again. I will start from old code and improve daily and slowly.

Back to the topic. Smart Taskbar V1.2.12 includes following bug fixes

(1) Fixed widget viewer layout problem
(2) Fixed direct call failure in newer devices