Button Savior Root V2.1 is released

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I went through a series of unfortunate things during first half of 2014. So my development progress was seriously impacted. Things finally went back to normal track two month ago. So slowly, I added new things and fixed old bugs whenever I have time. Now here comes V2.1. In V2.1, the major add ons are inclusion of immersive mode and full screen mode. If you are running Kitkat, you can benefit from these new features to get rid of navigation bar and statusbar to enlarge your usable screen area. I also added an Youtube video to briefly demonstrate how to use these new features. Specifically, new changes in this version are:

(1) Immersive mode in pop control (Available to Kitkat device only)
(2) Full screen mode toggle in pop control (Available to Kitkat device only)
(3) Fixed USB debug dialog problem
(4) Trigger icon placement in full screen app is now fixed in Kitkat device
(5) Fixed some crash issues


[Please be aware that in immersive/full screen mode, you won’t be able to use on screen keyboard. In addition, some games might not run at all. However, you can bring up pop control panel and turn off immersive/full screen mode at any time to resume to normal screen behaviour.