Why Button Savior gets so much 1 star rating after V2?

I worked very hard for entire one month to come out Button Savior Version 2. I was hoping all the new features can make most of you happy. However, before V2 was published, my life time one star rating was just 231. Now just 2 weeks of time, it is already 262 as of the time I wrote this post. I get at least 1 star a day. However, only 1 user wrote a comment out of all 31 one star rating since V2 andI don’t know why people don’t even bother to tell me why they hate it. I am very disappointed by the result. I actually regret I spent my entire month day and night to come out this new major update version. I believe I would better off if I did nothing at all.

I thought it was caused by non root users who didn’t realize they should root their device to use it or simply don’t have idea about what root is. I also thought it might be caused  by users who were unable to use Button Savior after upgraded to new version due to superSU misconfiguration. So I added a much better root detection and warning message upon detection of non root privilege. However, 1 star rating doesn’t slow down at all. So root is not an issue actually.

So I really don’t know why. No one leaves comment. So I’d like to know from you what’s the problem in latest V2 upgrade? If you recently left a one star rating and read this post, please take your time to let me know why. Thank you.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.22.41 PM