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Button Savior Root V2.0.2 is released

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Since my introduction of V2.0.0, I constantly get one star rating almost everyday. And almost 95% of them doesn’t bother to leave a comment to let me know why. So I have to guess. Initially, I thought it could be due to non root user who didn’t realize its Root app and were hugely disappointed after installation. So I added a note and better root detection to nicely tell non root users that this app is not for them. But no work. I now think it might be caused by disappointed users who suffered from crash issue.  So in this service release, I patched at least 7 crash issues that happened since the release of 2.0.1 and plus removal of ADB enable requirement. I hope this time my guess will be correct and enjoy the new cleaner version now 🙂

Why Button Savior gets so much 1 star rating after V2?

I worked very hard for entire one month to come out Button Savior Version 2. I was hoping all the new features can make most of you happy. However, before V2 was published, my life time one star rating was just 231. Now just 2 weeks of time, it is already 262 as of the time I wrote this post. I get at least 1 star a day. However, only 1 user wrote a comment out of all 31 one star rating since V2 andI don’t know why people don’t even bother to tell me why they hate it. I am very disappointed by the result. I actually regret I spent my entire month day and night to come out this new major update version. I believe I would better off if I did nothing at all.

I thought it was caused by non root users who didn’t realize they should root their device to use it or simply don’t have idea about what root is. I also thought it might be caused  by users who were unable to use Button Savior after upgraded to new version due to superSU misconfiguration. So I added a much better root detection and warning message upon detection of non root privilege. However, 1 star rating doesn’t slow down at all. So root is not an issue actually.

So I really don’t know why. No one leaves comment. So I’d like to know from you what’s the problem in latest V2 upgrade? If you recently left a one star rating and read this post, please take your time to let me know why. Thank you.Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 3.22.41 PM

Complete list of new features in Button Savior non root V2.0.0

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New In Non Root Version
(1) New customizable PopControl
(2) Hover control support for S-Pen and mouse
(3) Refreshed main App screen
(4) Adjustable trigger area size when trigger mode is set to adjustable swipe trigger
(5) Added action to open notification panel in PopControl
(6) Added action to open quick setting in PopControl
(7) Added action to open any URL in PopControl
(8) Added action to open any user defined App/shortcut in PopControl
(9) Button Savior panel now stays in same height when switching to a panel with less number of button than previous one
(10) Rearranged menu structure to make it more user friendly to read

To use Hover Control
Hover control is enabled by default. If  you have Samsung S-Pen or mouse, you can open Button Savior panel by placing your pen/mouse directly above trigger icon. To close it, just move your pen/mouse away.

To use adjustable swipe trigger mode
(1) Go to advanced tab
(2) Change trigger mode to ‘Adjustable swipe trigger mode’
(3) Select swipe trigger area in ‘advanced tab’
(4) Adjust the blue handles to set swipe trigger response area
Note: You can set trigger area size in ‘bottom’ ‘top’ ‘left’ ‘right’ or ‘both sides’. Just make sure your coronet swipe trigger side is set correctly.

To delete an icon in PopControl
If you want to delete an already assigned PopControl spot, just perform a long press on the item to delete. Then you can reassign whatever action you want to perform for the spot.

Screenshot_2014-01-24-12-48-39 Screenshot_2014-01-24-12-48-18 Screenshot_2014-01-24-12-48-10 Screenshot_2014-01-24-12-45-27 Screenshot_2014-01-24-12-45-11 Screenshot_2014-01-24-12-45-01