Button Savior is updated to V2 finally

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on 1st Jan, 2013, I setup a goal to myself that I wanted to update Smart Taskbar and Button Savior to V2 during the year. I finally managed to finish both on Christmas eve. I started the update of Button Savior plan since Aug and incrementally added 1~2 new V2 features in each small release. So basically, V2.0.0a alone is not V2. Instead, V1.8 + V2.0.0a consists of entire V2 new features.

Originally, I wanted to add Pie control support as a major feature in V2. However, after 2 weeks of implementation and evaluation, I decided to drop it and changed the idea to popControl as what you see in V2.0.0a because I think the way pie control is triggered doesn’t fit so well in Button Savior . I believe most people will find popControl too limited with only 9 new spots to use. You should not worry about this because popControl in V2.0.0a is just a beginning. First, I need to finish everything off before the end of 2014 to  fulfil my 2013 wish, and second, by making some features limited at first I can have more new features to add in future version.

I was too busy to cook and to do food preparation during my christmas time. So I updated my blog a little bit late this time. New year is coming in few days. I wish every happy Button Savior users a great year to come and your wish come true.1