Monthly Archives: August 2013

Smart Taskbar V2 2.2.1 Release Note

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Since my first release of Smart Taskbar2, I have been criticized for the new design of, circular shape, quick launch spot. Recently, I got new rectangular graphics from my designer. So I finally have a chance to fix it. But it is optional for you. You can change it in look and feel in preference. Also, I discovered a crash issue when making backup on 2.3 or older devices and I have fixed it.


Button Savior V1.8.3 Release Note

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This version addresses a long lived issue that is when you press more and switch to a panel with less buttons than previous panels, the placement of entire panel will shift down. Many people find this an issue due to muscle memory. In addition to that, I also added a desktop widget for easy service toggling and notification bar compatibility in 4.3.

I am still slowly adding more features to upgrade Button Savior to V2. If you have any great idea, please feel free to let me know.

Button Savior V1.8.2 Release Note

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It has been a while since my last update dated on 9 July. I was working on a new App called Assistive Zoom which allows user to simulate pinch to zoom with only one finger in any browser screen. If you frequently dream to use one finger to zoom in/out, then I suggest you go take a look. [Link]

I spent only about a week to work on Assistive Zoom. However, it took me almost 2 weeks to add just 2 new features in Button Savior 1.8.2. They are (1) Top and Bottom swipe trigger and (2) Adjustable trigger area setting. The adjustable trigger area setting took the most time from me. Since the new feature is quite complex. So if anything breaks, please email me at Leaving one star rating does not help me to troubleshoot the bug. Thanks.