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Pinch to zoom with one hand dream comes true – assistive Zoom (Beta Preview)

Last week, when I was planning whats to throw in for Button Savior V2, an idea came across my head. Thats is, a button to do pinch in and pinch out. Later on, I think it is better to make a seperate App just for this function. Now, here it is. This App is simple and does one thing only. But myself and many other friends of mine all think this App is really effectively to address the need to use two hands for zoom in/out. Due to the fragmentation of Android eco system, so I am not sure it is 100% compatible on your device. Thats why I am doing a beta preview here.

Forgot to mention, this App requires root to run. So please make sure your phone is rooted before trying. App file is attached in this post too.

Requirement: At least 2.2+ and Root required

[Download Here]

Button Savior V1.8.0 & V1.8.1 Release Note

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I have now added D-Pad (Directional Key) and long press power menu support in V1.8.0 and V1.8.1. To use D-Pad, just press and hold on D-Pad key and then slightly move your finger to direction you want to go.