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Button Savior V1.6.1 Release Note

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Button Savior finally supports Jelly Bean devices. I need to say a big thanks to many people who have helped me to provide logcat and tested my test version. Since I actually don’t own 4.1 device now (but I will once my shipment arrives), so I had limited chance to thoroughly test this release on JB. So if you found strange thing, please let me know.

Jelly Bean test help needed!

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I am fully aware of Button Savior’s compatibility issue on JB but is blocked by the fact that I am still waiting for my shipment of GN to arrive. So if anyone of you who knows how to use ADB shell might be able to help.

If you know how to use adb shell, please help to execute following commands?
(1) First adb shell and run command “env”
(2) Then copy the output
(3) then type “su” to switch to root context
(4) run command “env” again and copy the output.
(5) Send me both outputs by mail.
Great thanks in advanced!

Compal Browser released

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The company I work for recently annoucned  a browser for tablet, Compal Browser, on Google Playstore. It is still not a matured app but has some nice gesture features. This app is based on ICS stock browser and is heavily customized to support features that are missing in stock browser. I recommend you guys to give it a try and leave a comment so that my colleagues can further improve its features.

[Download Link]



Smart Statusbar 1.2 and Smart Statusbar+ 1.3

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I have fixed a bug that has bothered me a long time today. I am sure almost 99% of devices can use this app without problem.  I also improved the tutorial page with note and a convenience link to direct sensitivity setting right there so that no more confusion to new users. If you still encounter problem regarding unable to reveal SB, please let me know. Thanks.