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Button Savior V1.1.6 Release Note

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Thanks XDA member OMGWTF_BBQ who provided me 3 nice and well made new themes for e-ink technology display, mainly for nook touch. So now Button Savior can be used nicely on e-ink devices.

(1) Added 3 new themes for E-INK display


Smart Taskbar V1.1.10 Release Note

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I think I have found the root cause of duplicate app icon problem, thanks to user billyboy who helped me since last month. However, this update will not fix the problem fully if you already have it. A complete reinstall is recommended. But I am sure after this update, you will never get this problem again.

(1) Changed label selector icon size

(1) Improved Backup/Restore
(2) Fixed item keeps showing something went wrong
(3) Fixed menu key disappear in HC system

Smart Taskbar V1.1.9 Release Note

In 1.1.9, I made an experimental attempt to fix the app list entry duplication bug. I am not sure is it effective but at least my new approach should improve aap2sd and potential database corruption a bit. In addition, for how to fix app icon duplication problem, please follow this post

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(1) Updated core SDK
(2) Swipe to close now working in App List.

(1) Fixed duplicate app icon
(2) Fixed app2sd

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