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Volunteer Smart Taskbar Translation Needed

If you are interested in helping me to translate Smart Taskbar into your language, please grap the string.xml file from link provided below. After done, please email back to

Translation I have: French, Spanish, Russian, English, Chinese

Button Savior V1.1.3 Release Note

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Today, I brought back Poweroff for non root device. But the auto root detection approach is widely tested. So not sure if it will fail. If it does, please feedback. Thanks. I also recently published a new app called Everywhere Clipboard. Feel free to give it a try.

(1) Bring back power off support on non root device (experimental, not sure 100% work on all non root users)
(2) Added auto root detection

Smart Taskbar V1.1.4-a Release Note

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The refresh function problem has bug me for a very long time. Recently I suddenly found out that I had been using a wrong way to compare items name in cache V.S items name in database. So I think from now on, refresh button can reflect whats actually installed in Smart Taskbar’s list. However, if you still got error msg “Something wrong, please refresh” when trying to laucnh an app even after refresh, please let me know.

Fixed: (1) Further refined refresh function algorithm