Monthly Archives: December 2010

Button Savior V1.0.5 1.0.6 1.0.7 Release Note

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WordPress is becoming very slow to connect from my home. So missed to update release notes of previous two version. Please allow me to summarize changes of 3 version in one release note.

(1) Ability to change trigger icon position
(2) Added Camera button
(3) Added Call button
(4) Added function to kill/start Button Savior service
(5) Added screen lock function (Requires 2.2)

(1) Occasional broken auto hide timer

Button Savior V1.0.2 Release Note

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Button Savior is published to Android Market today with 12 new features added. Please refer to the release note for details.

(1) Added new visual (provided from XDA member stefen)
(2) Added app app icon
(3) Added Trigger side preferences
(4) Added Long click preferences
(5) Added Vibration toggle preference
(6) Added Auto Hide preference
(7) Added What’s new
(8) Added More Apps
(9) Added button clicked highlight
(10) Added auto start on boot
(11) Added popup dialog advising user to enable USB Debugging when it is disabled.
(1) Changed Panel style to transparent