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Closing most non English regions support on Market

Today, I officially closed up most non English regions support of Smart Taskbar due to unreasonably high 1 star rate which make me feel no respect at all. I don’t understand why but a lot of non English region users tend to hate my work with unknown reason.

I started developing this app since my wife was 7 month pregnant. Now, I have a 4 month old infant to sit. I work at day and sit my kid at night. I only have time to work on Smart Taskbar while you guys are sleeping. Now I look back those day I spent on developing Smart Taskbar, I feel like it is a mission impossible job and I don’t know how I managed to squeeze up time to develop this far.

If you suddenly lose Smart Taskbar support in Market, I am sorry. I have no intention to turn Market support back on in your region again because I don’t want anymore no respect, disgrace, and discouragement.

Smart Taskbar v0.4.1 Release Note

In V0.4.1, I added settings window with 2 basic functions as a first step of better user customization support (More to come) . If you like this app, please don’t hesitate to give a good rating in Android Market. I need your support on more good rating. Thanks.

(1) Added swipe trigger area adjustment in setting
(2) Added icon trigger style in setting

(1) Changed the default swipe trigger area a bit bigger than V0.4.0

Smart Taskbar v0.4.0 Release Note

Smart Taskbar is going to V0.4.0 today. In this release, I have added Task Switch function and some modification in UI for better man machine experience. Please read below notes for changes.

(1) Task switcher function in App label.
(2) Home button for speedy go back to home screen function.

(1) Make Taskbar to full screen on 800×480 handset. (More space for app icons!)
(2) Enhanced swipe mode by shortening the trigger area. (Less interfering)

Bug Fix:
(1) Fixed “creating database for the first time” going infinitely under rate circumstance. (Not a perfect fix yet. When this happen to you, please press home button and re launch Smart Taskbar)

Smart Taskbar FAQ

(1) Does Smart Taskbar drain battery?
No, It doesn’t. It doesn’t actively listen to any kind of system state and therefore will not use extra battery power. If you have system monitor application installed, such as SystemPanel, you should be able to check power consumption of Smart Taskbar by yourself. In addition, the built in power consumption can also be used to track how Smart Taskbar performance.

(2) Does Smart Taskbar slow down phone?
No. When Smart Taskbar is hidden, it doesn’t use any CPU power at all because it doesn’t do any kind of update, monitoring job at all. Some people might observe that Smart Taskbar becomes slow to respond sometimes. It is because you are using CPU intensive app and trying to expand the Taskbar at same time. It is same idea as opening Status bar while doing CPU intensive job. You will of course get slower response if your phone is already overloading.

(3) Is Smart Taskbar going to be free forever?
Yes. I have no plan to put it commercial. But I’ll put a donation link later for those who want to remove Ads from Smart Taskbar. There will be no functional difference in both version.

Ask me more by leaving comment. I will update this FAQ frequently if there is something new and informative.

Smart Taskbar v0.3.3 Release Note

In this release, I think I finally fixed the crash issue when adding apps to label from corrupted database. In addition, I changed the arrow from full circle shape to half circle shape as an experimental attempt to test the feedback from users. Of course, I will add option for user to choose what shape and image they’d like to use later.

(1) Fixed a potential crash when cached item is different from database records.
(2) Changed the arrow shape from full circle to half circle as an experiment in this release.

Smart Taskbar v0.3.0&V0.3.1 Release Note

Sorry guys. I made two updates in a row on the same day due to, again, another mistake which i did not find during testing. Basically I fixed an app group editing issue in V0.3.1.

New Features in V0.3.0:
(1) Added app organizer like label management system into taskbar. (Able to organize apps in user-defined labels for quick locating)

Modification in V0.3.1:
(1) Fixed one of the label order changing problem
(2) Fixed app group editing very unstable

Modification in V0.3.0:
(1) Improve quick Launching app selection performance a lot!
(2) Fixed various Force Close issues.

Known Issues:
(1) There is chance that the taskbar might auto start itself.
(2) Items installed while taskbar is turned off are not shown properly in app list